The galaxy has been plunged into war, invaded by a race of xenophobic and techno-phobic aliens from outside our galaxy called the Yuuzhan Vong. Their goal: To convert everyone to there way of life. Early negotiations failed, as they demand complete capitulation. These aliens fly ship that look more like asteroids then vessals, and all of there ‘technology’, be it engines, weapons, vessals, armor for their warriors, or bandages are living beings. They view all man-made objects, especially droids, as blasphamy, and objects of intense hatred. Their ships use creatures that manipulate gravity for propulsion…and to create miniature singularities for defense, allowing them to soak up huge amounts of damage without even getting scratched. Now our pilots have methods of counteracting their defenses, but it was too late. Courusant has joined the list of dozens of planets that have fallen. Those planets that have been taken, while they might some day be captured, will always be Yuuzhan Vong worlds, for they remake everything they touch, twisting it to suit their purposes. As if all that weren’t enough, the Jedi, now numbering in the hundreds, were astonished to learn that the YV and their creatures simply do not appear in the force. What’s more, the YV, upon learning of the Jedi, declared a vendetta against them, offering peace in exchange for all the Jedi. Many agree, with planets turning on Jedi that arrive to attempt to protect them, and mercenary bands forming with the express purpose of aiding the YV in any way they can…particularly with the hunt for Jedi.

The New Republic has moved it’s government seat to Mon Calamari. The Empire, and the enigmatic Chiss have sent forces to probe the YV, and have even joined the New Republic in a few crucial battles. There is even talk of disbanding the New Republic, and creating a Galactic Alliance, with the Empire as a member.

War of the Rocks